Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Any day, any place, any person

If I could choose to spend any day in history at any place with any person, it would be September 21, 1941 at Fenway Park in Boston with my PaPa S. watching the Red Sox play the damn Yankees. Since I technically haven't been born, I would choose to be the magical age of 10. We sit out in right field, just beyond Pesky's Pole (even though it isn't known as that at this time). He is wearing a Yankees hat and pulling for his favorite team. I am decked out in a Red Sox cap and teasing him about his team. I tell him that Ted Williams is a much better player than Joe DiMaggio, and he just scoffs, "you don't believe such a thing." He reminds me that Joltin' Joe hit in 56 straight games earlier in the season. I counter with Teddy Ballgame hitting over .400 for the season. We eat at least two bags of warm peanuts. He shells them for me and I eat them faster than he can crack them. He scolds me to slow down so he can have some, too. He tells me what is going to happen on the field before it does, and he is usually right. However, in the 5th inning, he says that Williams is going to strike out. "No way, Papa, he's going to hit a homerun." Sure enough, the pitch ends up out in right field, 3 rows away from us. Teddy Ballgame drives in 2 runs. The Red Sox beat the Yankees 4-1. My team wins and I'm excited. And even though PaPa has been a Yankees fan his whole life, he's glad that my team won today anyway. We get on the bus and ride back to his home glad that we could spend another day at the ballpark together.


Anonymous said...

You gave me goosebumps J

Anonymous said...

And I'm sure your papa s would have enjoyed it more than you would.