Monday, November 28, 2005

nothing to write here

I feel so bad. I see how many of you come here each day only to find the same posts. I'm sure it's an easy click on the bookmarks to see there's nothing new. I haven't felt all that inspired lately. At the other place, I wrote a piece on the progressive stages of cussing - something at which I hold a postgraduate degree. It's not for the faint of heart, so click at your own risk. I'll be traveling to Boston in a couple of weeks on business. Should be fun, and it is always good to be in New England.
Being December, that means one thing, my annual take-all-the-extra-vacation-days-before-you-lose-them month. I'll be off of work from the middle of December until the end of the year. Perhaps I'll be more inspired then. Although, I do have a book chapter to write and a paper to revise. That should keep me busy.

Sorry for the rather boring update. I do have a bombshell to drop at some point. Perhaps the time will be right before you know it.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I want to know what the bombshell is. You think no one reads this, huh? Are you pregnant? :)


Milo said...

that's biologically impossible. ;o)
no one in this house is either - at least not that I know.
patience, grasshopper.