Thursday, January 26, 2006

Random dandelions

I'm still basking in the euphoria of the Seahawks' first Super Bowl appearance. I have the Seahawks throw out on the bed - I was waving it around like crazy on Sunday night. This weekend, I'm breaking out the old Rick Mirer jersey and washing it so it will be ready for the Super Bowl next weekend.

Tomorrow (1/27) is my 9 year anniversary with my current employer. Now, I never thought I'd be here more than about 3 or 4 years. It just wasn't my nature to stick around a place longer than that. Who would have guessed? This week was a good week. My shadow actually darkened my bench this week as I managed to start doing experiments again for the first time in several months. All of my recent time has been spent on project planning. Perhaps picking up the pipettes again explains my particularly good mood this week. My project team working in Cambridge is kicking some serious ass. Those guys and gal are doing a great job. It's pretty cool watching all these new employees work so week so quickly. Someone must be noticing. I got pulled into another project this week. For some reason, after 9 years, someone must have noticed that I actually work here. None of this would have happened 3 years ago.

Well, this wouldn't be a post in my blog without a political comment. Funny how George W. Bush's post-election democratic Iraq was supposed to be a beacon bringing democracy to the middle east. Well, that's started off so well. The Islamist militant group Hamas won the Palestinian elections. I know W is stupid, but surely this isn't what he had in mind. Of course, what it really shows is that when people are given the choice between a group that has shown that they can provide a social structure and essential services (schools, hospitals, charities), or a group of corrupt fools, they'll reject the corrupt - even if the victors are militant terrorists.


Odyssey said...

Nine years... Wow! Feb. 1 will make nine years for me here at Big State U.... Very hard to believe.

Milo said...

congrats. Thank God for PII and tenure :o)

Odyssey said...

That, very, very good people working with me, and a good measure of luck... :-)