Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Election 2008

Back to your regularly scheduled politics...

I am so sick and tired of the incompetent jerks that are running the show now that 2008 can't get here fast enough for me. I know it's still 2+ years away, but I'm quickly deciding to whom I'll be giving my support.

Russ Feingold/John Edwards

Yesterday on the Senate Floor, Feingold took King George to task for breaking the law by spying on US citizens without a warrant.

"This goes way beyond party, and way beyond politics. What the President has done here is to break faith with the American people. In the State of the Union, he also said that “we must always be clear in our principles” to get support from friends and allies that we need to fight terrorism. So let’s be clear about a basic American principle: When someone breaks the law, when someone misleads the public in an attempt to justify his actions, he needs to be held accountable. The President of the United States has broken the law. The President of the United States is trying to mislead the American people. And he needs to be held accountable.
As the President said, we must always be clear in our principles. So let us be clear: We cherish the great and noble principle of freedom, we will fight to keep it, and we will hold this President – and anyone who violates those freedoms – accountable for their actions. In a nation built on freedom, the President is not a king, and no one is above the law."

Feingold/Edwards seems to be an ideal ticket. Midwestern Senator strong on foreign and domestic policy paired with a former Southern Senator who is strong on social issues seems like a hard combination to beat - once all the rednecks get past the idea of a single Jewish man leading the country.

So, starting today, I'm going to do all I can to make sure these patriots are sitting in the Oval Office in Jan. 2009.

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tbwiub93 said...

i'll back that one. question is, when are you going to run for public office? :)