Saturday, March 04, 2006


I'm sitting here listening to the first broadcast of the Cardinals' spring training game. It seems like so long since we heard the voice of Mike Shannon broadcasting Cardinal baseball. It's only spring training, but at least it's baseball!

I waited 45 minutes for a chance to get tickets to the new Busch Stadium this a.m. when the single game tickets went on sale. I was trying to get tickets to the first Sat. game of the season (against the Reds; baseball card day for the kids). Once I finally got in, I couldn't get 4 tickets together in the affordable sections. The only tickets I could find were $110 each - down by home plate. Ummm sorry, but that's out of the budget. Well, I got booted from the virtual waiting room, and then had to wait again for the chance to get tickets. I waited another hour before giving up and going to work. I'm back home now and have been waiting for another half-hour to this point. Now I see that the game I'm trying for only has single tickets or standing room only available. I think I'm going to have to give up and try StubHub to get the tickets from season ticket holders who don't want to go to those games.


tbwiub93 said...

good luck!!! just can't justify the $100 box seats to see the cubs play this year! :) (and no, they don't suck!)

Milo said... has tickets to the Cubs games, but they're still $50 and higher each. We'll probably have to go that route for the games we want since you can't get 4 together for any game through the Cards' site.