Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Yes, it is official. I'm on vacation through Jan. 2. My employer closes from the 23rd to the 2nd. I've added my unused vacation days to that to get my annual year end reprieve.

Boston was great. I could definitely get used to Cambridge. There's something about sitting and watching the ice flow down the Charles River with the city as the backdrop. I could listen to people paahking the caaahs down by the haahbah all day. I also didn't know that they had my all-time favorite restaurant there, The Helmand. It is an Afghani restaurant that I first experienced a couple of years ago in Baltimore. We had dinner there again. Their baked baby pumpkin with garlic yogurt appetizer is to die for. The spicy meatballs are the best I've ever had. If you ever make it to Baltimore or Cambridge, you must try this place.

Mission accomplished in getting the kids Sox hats to go with mine. M. got one of these

and K got this one

I didn't forget TG either. She's got a nice warm Haaahvahhd sweatshirt now.

I also got some other exciting news, but it'll have to wait a bit longer, or so I'm thinking...

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Anonymous said...

I'm tired of waiting, so spill the beans. You better not be moving again, or you're in big trouble mister.