Friday, October 07, 2005

Hello, October

I'm baaaaaack. Did you miss me?

It's definitely autumn here now. One day this week, the red plum tree in the front yard suddenly dropped one-third of its leaves one night just before it got really cool. I guess we're not the only ones that need winter blankets. My early morning walks start out in the dark now. We live in the Meramec River valley and I get to see the sun break over the bluffs down by the creek that is covered with fog. The other morning, I had a quarter moon light my stroll. Very refreshing.

I got a "promotion" at work week before last. Well, it isn't really much of a change in what I do, and I get no more pay for doing it. My neck is just stretched out a little further to make it easier to chop off when things don't work right. Now instead of trying to do all the things I'm supposed to do, I have to make sure 4 or 5 other people get their crap done, too. Oh, and I get to go spend a few days in Boston, so at least there's that.

Lastly, I had my first visit to the doctor in almost 9 years today. Damn, I'm getting old. I had to lay there and get my chest wired up so she could make sure I hadn't inherited heart disease from my parents - I haven't yet :o) When I left, I had a bag of pill samples - you know - the little purple ones that make your heartburn go away. I have no idea what those 4 vials of blood are going to tell them. Hopefully, it's all good.

The Sox were swept by those idiots from Chicago tonight. I hate that town.

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Anonymous said...

You, me and Nick can share heartburn pills. We're old - he's only 10. Runs in the family.


Nice Blog, by the way. Although your wife's Budlt ones might up you one today. :)