Monday, October 17, 2005

old friends

When I was in college, my small group of friends used to hang out in the donut shop parking lot until 2 a.m. We'd often argue deep philosophical issues to no resolution - stuff like why there are stars, and is there such a thing as time. I recently found something that I had written about that group of friends in the not-too-distant past:

The memories of that time have indeed lost some of their edge. I no longer think of what began, what ended, and what might have been. That time has become something more. I think of the way we were, the age of innocence for all of us. Those were the times when we sat and contemplated the meaning of time - when it seemed like we had
forever. It now all seems like so long ago. And now, we realize how short the time is as the seasons come and go in what seems to be weeks or days instead of months. And we see the time pass in the faces of those close to us and we see that time stop in those that have gone on, either in our lives or on to the journey beyond this life - each suspended as when we last saw them.

here's to old friends...


Anonymous said...

Live for today....but live!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy life..... There is plenty of time to be dead