Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm watching you

you see that little counter waaaaay down there at the bottom? Not only can it count, it knows who you are. Since you people weren't commenting, I figured no one was reading. Not any more. I can find out when you visited and how long you stayed. Oh, there are some of you that don't map too well (AOL users) and there's a mystery guest from the UK. But at least I know I'm not just writing this for my own health :o)

I was supposed to go to Iowa and visit my buddy with cancer tomorrow. I have a stack of letters from his former colleagues, a few cards, and a couple of books. I got a call from his wife this afternoon telling us not to come. It seems some jackass took their sick kid to the same daycare where his kid goes. His kid caught a cold/the flu from the sick kid, and now P. has come down with it. Under these conditions, it could turn out to be a matter of serious consequence. I'll never understand why people who are sick won't stay the hell home and leave us healthy ones alone. I don't want your freakin' germs. I don't want my kids catching your freakin' germs. STAY HOME!!!
We'll figure out another time to visit. I did talk with him on the phone this evening. He sounded pretty sick. He is greatly looking forward to our visit though. I can't wait to go either. I guess it's a good thing I chickened out and didn't shave my head yet. My other buddy and I were talking about going bald before we visited since P. has lost most of his hair from the chemo. I may still chicken out...

I realize I write a lot of stuff here that isn't all that entertaining, much of it on a serious note. However, you should read Mrs. Bloom for humor. She's the yin to my yang. Her stuff is funny (well, except for that heavy thing she wrote today...). If you dig around there, you might find that I also write somewhere else with a little more levity than here. But, the other place isn't high on my priority. I much perfer this meadow.


Odyssey said...

Hell Milo, you keep your hair so short you're just a step or two away from shaving it off. If you do it, I want a photo!

Milo said...

If I do it, I'll post a photo of the bald head here ;o)

Anonymous said...

In 20 years you won't have to shave it. It comes naturally.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm the mystery guest from the UK. I'm a virtual friend of ThatGirlyGirl and I find your blog almost as interesting to read as hers. Just never been brave enough to comment before.


Milo said...

Hi Rach!

All of thatgirlygirl's friends are welcome here! *Almost* as good as hers? I don't think it's that close ;o)