Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Father's day note for my little boy

Time Machines
(March 2005)

In the last 2 years, I've watched you grow from a toddler to a little boy. You've undergone an amazing transformation from bashful toddler to a boy full of energy, life, curiosity, and a love for all things trains! You used to not have much to do wth me as you always latched onto Mommy. However, in the last year or so, you must have decided that Daddy is OK, too. Last week, I went away to Maryland for the Hopkins Folding Meeting and you were mad at me for leaving for four days. You wouldn't talk to me on the phone the first few days I was away. Last Friday, I took off work and took you to the train store and McDonald's for lunch. We also hit the bookstore, but you were so tired you fell asleep on my shoulder, so I brought you home and let you finish your nap. I had as much fun spending the day with you as you had in the train store drooling over that "golden train."

Last night you were sitting with me in the chair before bedtime and I just watched you. I couldn't help but think I was looking at my personal time machine. You look so much like my photos from when I was your age. I could imagine saying some of the same things you say and I'm sure I was as mischevious as you are now. It somehow seems right that you're my little time machine that helps keep me thinking young. I can't help but wonder if the time machine works in reverse for you. I can look through the time machine of you and see the past. Can you look through the time machine of me and get a glimpse of your future? Only time will tell if that turns out to be the case. I can see parts of my dad's personality in me. I suspect as you get older, I'll see parts of my personality in you. I'll bet some of that personality has been passed along from my grandfather, his father, his father, and on and on. I've learned over the past few years that there is nothing that I wouldn't do for you or your sister. I hope that through the coming years I can pass along the good things to you. You're a wonderful little boy and I'm thankful for you every day.

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Anonymous said...

Jeff - as always, when something is good, I cry -- and I'm crying. This is such a thoughtful piece, I hope you will save it for Kaj. You are an amazing daddy, and I'm proud you are my son-in-law.