Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Schiavo and the religious right

Schiavo autopsy shows irreversible brain damage.

The results of Terry Schiavo's autopsy are in, and apparently, she had as much brain capacity as Tom Delay, George W. Bush, Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, and Bill Frist combined. After all was said and done, this woman was brain dead with no hope of recovery, just as she had been diagnosed. That didn't stop Delay, Bush, and Frist from taking an intensely private family matter and using it to pander to their right wing evangelical supporters. Apparently, this President and House whip thought it was OK for their branches of government to ignore the "activism" of the judicial branch in this case. Of course, I seem to recall that in 2000, this President-to-be needed the federal judiciary to stick its nose in the state of Florida's election business so he could be elected. I guess judicial activism was OK in that case. Bush, Delay, Falwell and Dobson should be ashamed of exploiting this poor woman for their own political gain. Dr. Bill Frist should have his medical license revoked for diagnosing this woman as not being in a vegetative state after seeing her only on edited home video!!! Perhaps with advances in stem cell research, Delay and gang won't be resigned to living the remainder of their lives as Scarecrow.

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