Wednesday, June 22, 2005

So long, PJ

Today, I told one of my close friends so long for a while. Now, before you get all morbid and think the worst, she's just moving.

She started working here not long after I. I remember when she interviewed I saw her in someone's office and in typical piggish fashion thought, "I wonder who the babe is?" Well, she did get the job in another group, but somehow we met. We seemed to hit it off from the start, probably because she was from Tennessee and I from Texas. Together, we managed to help each other maintain some sense of sanity in today's corporate environment. One year I was asked by someone that worked with her to teach part of an inhouse course. I agreed. Shortly after that, these people treated her like crap. I called them up and told them I didn't have time to work with them anymore. Jackasses. You crap on my friends, and you crap on me. We could always relate to our southern redneck heritage and joked about it often. She became my tree-hugging vegetarian "work wife." Her and her husband became friends of our family. When our daughter was in the hospital, they brought us dinner from our favorite Thai place. That place became our restaurant of choice for dinner with them.

She's going away halfway across the country to one of the best law schools in the country now. She's smart, funny, and tenacious when it comes to things she believes in. She's going to make a great lawyer. Damn, I'm going to miss her.

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Anonymous said...

I'll miss you too. Our door will always be open and we hope you guys will come visit. Life at work these past 7.5 years would have been a lot tougher without lunch with you to look forward to.

When it gets tough remember that a life lived with faithfulness to your own principles is all that matters in the end.

Have a veggie burger at Red Robin or some falafel at Pita's Plus in my honor every now and then. :) Take care, you grouchy misfit toy.