Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Chronicles of Mr. Mom - Day 1

My babies' mother left today for a week long writer's conference. Here are the daily musings of daddy spending 24/7 with the kids while mommy is away.

4:30 a.m. is early, but then the flight leaves early. I can't go back to sleep while T. gets ready to leave. Her traveling companion arrives a bit early, and after hugs, kisses, and goodbye, they're off. I'm not sure I ever got back to sleep before I heard little boy's door open at 6:15 and his sister arise shortly after. Such is the life...

First crying for mommy by KJ, 7:44 a.m. about the time her flight is scheduled to leave.

"Oh, daddy's exercising. That's just what Mommy does while you're at work."

Off to the friends' birthday party. "hey, A, my mommy's on a trip." Waterballoon fights, cake, ice cream and then back home to play. Called mommy's cell phone and left her a message.

Back to that same friend's house for a cookout and Monsters, Inc. The wives decided that all the husbands should have the kids and they could go out. Like we care. When we're done there, it's back home and to bed. The end of Day 1. Grandmommy and PaPa arrive tomorrow...

number of "when is mommy coming home?" today: 0