Friday, July 29, 2005


The events of the past week have convinced me that life is just one big rollercoaster. One minute finds you down at the bottom of the hill - like when you find out one of your close friends has cancer. In the next, you're back at the top of the hill whenever you find out it hasn't spread to his lungs meaning he has a fighting chance. Every day, every month, every year is just a fast ride from one peak to the next valley. It almost makes you think things would be much better if your life ride was more like the end of a big wooden rollercoaster - Baby Bear hills that give you just the right thrills. But at some point you realize that if you want to appreciate the sunshine, you have to endure a little rain. You learn to appreciate the highs, and fight through the lows. At some point if you happen to be fortunate, someone gets to share your coaster with you. Together you hold your collective breath as you top the next hill and then let out a scream as you crash through the next valley. And all too soon, you realize that no matter how many peaks and troughs come your way, this ride is moving so fast. So, you hold on tight to your traveling companion and give thanks for the chance to ride.

Never give up, P.

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PJ said...

I found this article very comforting as a scientist (or at least someone who used to be one). Stephen Jay Gould captures the real hope in a cancer diagnosis and his life points out that even the worst of odds are just numbers.

Live with hope agressively; it helps to dull the pain of sadness that watching a loved on battle cancer brings.