Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Chronicles of Mr. Mom - Day 4

Halfway to getting mommy back home - double yipee!!!
Now, please, don't get us wrong. We're glad mommy is off learning how to be an even better writer. We're just not a whole family when she's not around and that kinda stinks.

Everyone slept late this a.m. - well except me. KJ was in until 7:30 and McK until 8:00. Must have worn them out in the heat yesterday.

"Grandmommy, we can go to Six Flags today" :o)
"Well, then Grandmommy, Grant's Farm is open and we can go there."

PaPa cooked breakfast today - donuts from the grocery store. They were a big hit.

Went to Grant's Farm. Saw the Clydesdales. Dad cooked lunch - at the Bread Company :o)
Came home and took a nap - very good.

Dad and Grandmommy cooked dinner. Little boy tried cucumbers for the first time - and liked them - yeah, KJ!!! Off to Fritz's for ice cream.

Mommy tried to call, but the cell reception there sucks. Dying all day to hear how her day went.

number of "I want mommy" today: 7

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Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job even with Mommy away, of that I have no doubt. Give my grandbabies hugs and kisses from Nana, Poppie and Aunt B.