Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Chronicles of Mr. Mom - Day 8

Today, mommy returns to the fold. The anticipation is bubbling through the house.
The happy beat of 1960s r&b is bouncing throughout the house - the Temptations, anyone? "I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day..."

After we get the house clean, we head out to the party store to pick up a few balloons to finish decorating the house. Yesterday, we made a big "welcome home, mommy!" poster to hang inside the door so she'll see it right as she comes in. Last night we made a trip to the bookstore to get Mommy a welcome home present - a lap desk and a book on writing. She's wanted a lap desk to work on for a while. We thought it was appropriate after returning from a writing conference.

Back from the party store. Wrap the presents, hang the banner, and decorate the house. Chill out the rest of the day watching the AA website to make sure they're going to get mommy back home in time.

Analysis of the week: All in all it was very good. Grandmommy and PaPa provided a welcome distraction and kept us busy. Thanks for coming! When they weren't here, we managed to keep ourselves busy and without too much acrimony. Having TG gone for 8 days also reinforced just how much we love her and need her. More importantly, it has given us motivation for making sure that she has a highly successful writing career. Her dream is our dream.

Most interesting development of the week: KJ has decided that he will now adress himself by name. "Daddy, KJ wants to go outside. KJ needs to go potty. KJ wants a peanut butter sandwich for lunch." Too funny.

number of "I want my mommy," or "when is mommy coming home" for the week: 44

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