Friday, July 22, 2005

The Chronicles of Mr. Mom - Day 7

Today's the last full day without mommy - hallelujah!!!

A pretty lite day. Went and got a haircut for myself and KJ. He wanted spikey hair, so we got it. He liked it, and then when we got home, he didn't want it anymore.
Mowed the lawn so I won't have to do it on the weekend. The kids played in the water sprinkler when I was done with the backyard. When I finished, I joined them in the sprinkler and the watergun fights.

After getting cleaned up from the water escapades, got a call from mommy. Unfortuantely, the webcam on site wasn't working, so we didn't get to see her. Headed off to Fritz's for an afternoon ice cream.

Back home to clean up and get ready for Mommy to return!!!

McK got her mouth washed out with soap for trying to get her little brother to say, "ass." I bet she learned that from Avril Lavigne.

two memorable quotes from today:

KJ: Did Santa Claus land on the roof and take Mommy to the airport? Well, did the airplane land on our house and pick her up?

and this exchange:

Dad: I can't wait for Mommy to come home tomorrow.
McK: Why?
Dad: I'm going to hug her and kiss her and hug her some more.
McK: She's going to be tired, Daddy.

number of "I want my Mommy" today: 4

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