Monday, July 18, 2005

The Chronicles of Mr. Mom - Day 3

"Hey, sissy, go wake up Grandmommy and PaPa."
"Daddy, KJ's trying to get me to wake them up."

Got up, lounged around, had breakfast.
Took Grandmommy and PaPa to the zoo. "It's too hot."
"You said you were going to take us out for lunch."

Got another email from mommy. She's having fun without us. We're not sure how to feel about that. We've decided it's good, but only for a week. :o)

The live ladybug larvae arrived today. We got to put them in their little "Ladybug Garden." We'll get to watch them turn into ladybird beetles over the next couple of weeks and then release them into the flower garden. Yipee!!!

KJ slammed his big toe on the door while wearing his new flip-flops. Massive blood squirting. Major crying, several "I want my mommys." Two Shrek bandaids and lots of reassurance and all is well. Well, except for not being mommy...

Off to the bookstore. I think birthday presents are in the cards. Since we had a late lunch, we had a late dinner at the weekly favorite, Red Robin.

Off to bed - thus ends day 3.

number of "I want my mommys" today: 8 (not counting the 10+ during the "toe episode")

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